⛳ A Simple Way To Test An Online Business Idea


Yesterday was the final day of the Masters Golf Tournament.

If you don’t watch golf it would be golf’s equivalent of the “Super Bowl”.

Anyway, it’s a big week for golfers and the final round was amazing.

On the final hole for one of the golfers, Rory, hit the ball into the first bunker (sand trap).

Then he hit the ball out of the first bunker into the second bunker.

Finally he hit the ball out of the bunker and straight into the hole.

Rory & the crowd erupted with emotion!

It was quite a moment.

You can watch a video replay of that moment here ( https://youtu.be/VijqkhvAwgg ). Start the video at about minute 8 and see how the crowd reacts.

Then to put the cherry on top, the other golfer he was playing with (Morikawa) proceeded to do the exact same thing – hit the ball from the sand trap straight into the hole!

Anyway, even if you don’t play golf, you can use the “crowd’s reaction” to test your online business idea.

A Simple Way To Test Your Online Business Idea Using Consistent “Crowd Reaction” Experiments…

One of my preferred ways to test a new business idea in a new niche is to sell something first.

I identify a problem the niche has…

I then find a better, different, or contrarian solution…

Create the product (or get it created)…

Craft an offer around that product…

And then finally write a sales page to sell that product.

The challenge is that there are a lot of things that could go wrong there – especially if you’ve never done it before!

You could choose the wrong niche, the wrong solution, the wrong product, the wrong offer, the wrong messaging…

Very rarely does anyone select the right combination of all of those and hit a homerun on their first try…or should I say hole-in-one 😉

A simple way to test a new business idea is to…

1 – Start creating & distributing weekly content around the topic that is relevant to your new business idea.

You can create a Facebook page, a Youtube Channel, a blog, or just start up an email newsletter.

Identify the questions your market would have around the new idea you are considering launching and start creating weekly content that answers those questions from different angles & perspectives.

2 – Gauge the crowd’s reaction.

Each week’s content is a new experiment.

You are trying a new angle, a new perspective, a new topic, a new way of messaging things.

You can then gauge the crowd’s reaction to each piece of content.

Did they open your email or watch your video?

Did they find it interesting, intriguing, or compelling enough to reply to the email or leave a comment on your content?

Was the crowd’s reaction just “meh” or… “holy moly that was AMAZING!”

After a few weeks if you can’t even get a peep squeak out of the market, either you are dropping the ball on the messaging or perhaps your new idea might not have legs with that particular niche.

3 – Use your best content pieces to string together a high converting sales page.

After a few weeks and several months of doing this you are going to have a good understanding of exactly WHAT your crowd “reacts” to and to what degree.

You can then take the content that gets the best reactions and string them together into an “Insight Sales Page” that you can then use to promote your product to cold traffic.

You won’t have to guess what headline to use, what story to tell, or what insights to deliver… you’ll already know that from your weekly content experiments.

See you next time…

-Eddys Velasquez

P.S. An important nuance to understand…

While the weekly content experiments are a great way to find topics and messaging that your crowd will react to, it isn’t always the best way to see if they will buy or not.

You still want to get an offer live and selling to test if all of that “reaction” will actually turn into sales or not.

Think of it as a two pronged approach…

Prong #1 – Weekly content experiments to see what topics & messaging resonate with your market.

Prong #2 – Use the messaging & content that gets the highest level of reactions to sell an offer. Even if it’s just a simple offer like a consultation, an eBook, or a simple subscription service where people pay you monthly to get access to you.

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