Hi! My name is Eddys Velasquez.

Yes, that’s right, there’s an “s” at the end of my name! Like two Eddy… Eddys.

And if you’re on this page it’s because you are wondering who I am and what is it that qualifies me to help you grow your online business.

I don’t blame you for doing your due diligence, it’s hard to know who to trust these days.

So, to help you make up your mind, let’s go back to beginning…

1991 – I was Born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada to Edis & Enny Velasquez.

30 days later was wrapped up and whisked over to Texas where I’ve lived in the smallish town of Victoria ever since since.

(Unfortunately, in those 30 days I didn’t fully master the French language so that’s why now I’m having to learn it via Duolingo)

Growing up my parents did a good job of making sure we had a roof over our heads, good clothes to wear, and food to eat. However, I do remember my parents saying that if we wanted anything extra we had to work for it and not just expect it to be handed to us.

I remember one day in 1999 we were walking in the mall and I asked my dad if he could buy me the Playstation 1, now you can get it for about $50, but back then it was around $200-299.

He said, sure that he could buy it for me but that I would have to give him the cash.


He was expecting ME to pay for it?

At the time, I was upset about it but I am extremely grateful for him handling that situation in the way he did.

That desire for the Playstation 1 and having no cash to buy it with introduced me to the world of “sales”. My mother suggested a garage sale and so that’s exactly what I did. Got the word out about it in my neighborhood, at church, and with friends at school, sold some of my stuff, did some “paid work” around the house and scrounged up enough cash to finally buy the Playstation 1 I wanted so badly.

Little did I know that experience was going to change the trajectory of my life.

That year I learned…

If you want something bad enough, you don’t wait for it to be given to you, you go find a way to get it.

Around this same time through the late to early 2000s I learned several valuable lessons by observing what my parents did.

They both worked as night-time telephone operators for a company called “Spherion” and for a time my dad worked as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) at the local hospital as well.

They did that so that me and my sister would have what we needed and could go on trips to visit our relatives in Canada & Mexico from time to time.

The problem was the income from these jobs were static and did not go up very much. The small raises they did get were minimal and not really significant enough to make any difference. Plus, they wanted to spend more time with us rather than spend all their time at work.

So that’s when they decided to go in a different direction and do something that allowed them more flexibility over their schedule and something where the income depended on them and not on the decisions made by their “boss”.

My mother started an in-home music school teaching Piano.

And my Father became a distributor for an ever-so-popular MLM company that you would probably recognize the name if I mentioned it.

Seeing them start & develop each of their businesses taught me that there was other alternatives available to me than just simply “getting a job” and depending on someone else.

Fast forward a few years to 2005. I was going into my first year of High School.

At the time I wanted to “fit in” and be a part of the cool kids. Not something that really motivates me anymore, but at that time, it did.

I wanted to have a cell phone, I wanted to have the in-style clothes, and I wanted to have money to go out and have a great time with friends.

So I did what any teenager would do and got a job.

I worked at one of the local Mexican restaurants as a bus boy cleaning up tables.

And everything was good for awhile until one night I had an incident with the boss.

I was almost done for the evening and had cleaned up what I had thought was all the tables but I had missed a couple of tables in a semi-hidden corner by the bar.

I grabbed my stuff and was heading out the door when the boss came zooming around the corner red in the face.

“No sir, you’re not leaving until every single table is clean!”

I didn’t realize I had missed a couple of tables and so I apologized and started walking back to clean them up when all of a sudden the boss, we’ll call him “El Jefe” decides he wanted to go on a tirade. Probably something was going on that day for him that put him in a bad mood but whatever it was he was taking it out on me.

He started yelling different things at me letting me know that I was this and that and that I was good for nothing and the one that I’ll never forget was…

“People like YOU will always work for people like ME!”

I didn’t quite know how to take that.

Part of me wanted to lash out and attack him, probably fight him or something.

Yet, in that moment the power of those words really flipped a switch inside of me. Right then and there I decided that one day I was going to come back and buy the restaurant from him.

That day I quit my job as a bus boy and decided I was going to try my hand at my own business.

I always had an interest in computers and I had learned how to take them apart, put them back together, and get rid of viruses, etc. So I created little business cards that said “Computer Engineer” and listed out the specific services I offered. Passed them out at school and at church until one day a couple of weeks later I finally got a call from a lady who wanted me to help fix her computer.

I went over to her house, identified the problem, fixed the problem, all in under an hour.

She asked me how much she owed me and I wasn’t quite sure what to tell her. I mean I was only making minimum wage back at the restaurant but by this point I had also been listening to Tony Robbins and Jim Rohn about charging what you are worth and all different kinds of motivational videos lol…so I said $60 half thinking she was going to laugh me out of her house.

However, the opposite happened.

She said… “That’s it?”

And that’s when I learned that…

There will always be people who are willing to pay for something you know that they don’t.

I repaired computers for awhile but soon found that my income was limited by the number of hours I had available to work. In other words I was simply trading time for money like I would be doing at any regular job.

I didn’t find the solution immediately but it came from my mother telling me one day… “If I had a dime for every time you were sitting at the computer, I’d be rich!”

(You see, if I wasn’t doing homework, working, or hanging out with friends, I was on the computer reading, watching videos, or downloading music)

And so I thought to myself, “you know what, why don’t I find out how to do that?”

So that’s what I did.

In 2006 I typed “How to make money online” into Google and found all sorts of things.

Eventually I stumbled on an article that promised that I could make hundreds of dollars on auto-pilot from my laptop and that I could then be free to do whatever I wanted. Of course that sounded appealing to me so I bought the $500 program.

It turned out to be a business opportunity scheme that wanted me to promote the same program to other people using things like Google Ads and Pop Up Ads.

I ended up not doing that but that was my introduction to the world of digital marketing, driving traffic (getting website visitors), and affiliate marketing (promoting other people’s products for a commission).

However, what intrigued me the most was that someone I didn’t know was able to get me, someone they didn’t know, to take out their wallet and purchase a video course for $500 without even speaking with them, all they did was write an article and somehow put it in front of me!

The idea that you could actually sell something to someone across the globe from your computer without you having to be there in person, was fascinating to me!

And that you could sell something DIGITAL that they receive instantly without you having to pay any manufacturing or shipping costs to deliver the product.

Or better yet, the idea that this could all happen while you slept! What a concept!

This took me down a rabbit hole of learning everything I could about digital marketing. How did it work? What all could you do? What different skills could I learn? etc.

After some research I discovered there were two main skills I needed to learn & master.

Skill #1 – Learning to write words that inspire action (copywriting) whether that is to opt in to an email list or purchase a program.


Skill #2 – Learning to drive traffic (website visitors) by placing ads on media platforms like Google, Facebook, and others.

I soon started promoting other people’s digital products and the day I made my first commission, I was hooked!

It meant I had found a way to run a business where I could make an income that wasn’t reliant on trading my time for money.

Over time I got better at those two skills and started offering my services to other businesses that needed help and then eventually created my own digital products in several different markets. This taught me a lot about a third skill I needed to learn & master: business strategy.

Fast forward 15 years and I’ve since used these skills & digital marketing strategies to generate thousands of leads & buyers for myself & private clients in a variety of niches including weight loss/health, sports training, financial services, parenting, relationship advice, and others.

I’ve written two sales pages that have done over 1M in revenue each.

I’ve coached over a hundred different businesses while being a Senior Coach at the Ask Method Company (A 3x Inc. 5000 company)

Through this experience I’ve honed my ability to look at almost any business and quickly identify the bottlenecks and growth opportunities that may not be immediately visible to the business owner.

So why did I create DigitalMarketingRx?

Because other than working on my own digital businesses, I also enjoy being a “Marketing Doctor” of sorts — not an actual doctor with a white coat, obviously 😉

I enjoy the thrill of looking at a business, uncovering the symptoms and root causes of why it’s experiencing those symptoms, and writing a “prescription” to solve it!

Why do this if I have my own businesses to run?


1 – It’s a way for me to improve my own ability.

Teaching these skills & strategies I’ve learned forces me to codify exactly what I’m doing and break it down into a process that can be repeated and improved.

2 – As people learn and improve their own digital marketing skills to grow their business, the market as a whole improves.


3 – It’s a change of pace for me. I can go from “doing” (running my own businesses) to “teaching” and helping other businesses and back to “doing” every week. As I keep doing and learning new things I have more things to teach. As I teach more businesses I get a better understanding of the specific processes I’m teaching and how they can be improved which in turn improves my doing! Plus, the variety helps me dive into each category with more gusto as well.

So whether you’ve embarked on this path of starting & growing your business because you want to have more freedom and control over your time…

Or if you just enjoy creating helpful content and want to be able to share your products with the world to make a positive impact (but need to learn how to make sales to fund what you’re doing)…

I can help you do that by showing you how to start making sales of your products every single day.

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