Hi! My name is Eddys Velasquez…

A quick introduction…

I’ve been in business since 2006 and enjoy deploying tested & proven strategies for business growth.

I also have fun testing innovative concepts to bust through revenue plateaus.  That’s my jam.

I live in a small Texas town, work out of the house with my girlfriend Stephanie, and enjoy my 15-step commute from my bed to the home office chair early in the morning (I like to get up around 6am).

I am currently working on interrupting that commute with a series of jumping jacks, sit ups, and a jog around the neighborhood — but that does not happen all the time… yet. 

Each morning I’m usually greeted by two cats French & Shadow who always want to eat their food early and then I make my cup of coffee before I sit down to take on the day.

When I’m not working, I enjoy reading, playing guitar, & dancing.  I’m a fan of most music genres but especially enjoy Cumbia, Bachata, and Salsa.

I’m fluent in two languages (English & Spanish) and am currently learning French.

While I’d consider myself an ambivert leaning towards introvert, I do enjoy meeting new business owners from all over the world and taking on seemingly impossible challenges 🙂

 … mostly virtually or at a distance of course, but will sometimes make it out to an in-person event or two.

What about you?

If you’re so inclined, would you sign up to my daily(ish) email newsletter & reply back to the welcome email telling me about you?

If not now, I look forward to meeting you and hearing about you & your business someday in the future!