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For Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, & Content Creators Who Have Made a Few Sales of Their Info-Product, And Now Want To Reach 100, 1,000, Even 10,000+ Customers, But Are Overwhelmed With All The Possible Ways They Could Go About Actually Doing It...

“Want A Simple Yet Amazingly Effective Approach To Start Making MORE Info-Product Sales, Every Day -- Even If You’re Not A ‘Marketer’ And Have Little To No Sales Skills?”

The truth is many “marketing experts” make things more complicated than they need to be.  Just follow this approach, adapt it to fit your business, and watch the sales roll in...

Does this actually work?  See for yourself...

A business owner had paid a marketing agency a large sum for a digital marketing strategy, a fancy multi-step sales funnel, and online ad copy to sell his info-product.

Everything looked great…

Until he checked his shopping cart.


“It’s working!” the marketing agency said.

“Look, you’re getting lots of leads for cheap!”

The business owner reached out to tell me the story.

He had an info-product ready to sell…

He already sold 28 of them on his own...

And now he wanted to sell more but didn’t have time (or the desire) to figure it out himself so he hired a marketing agency.

They spent months coming up with a digital strategy and putting the sales funnel together.

Everything looked great.

The fancy sales funnel looked awesome.

And once the ads finally launched, the leads were coming in for under $1, sometimes even at .20 cents per lead (in the hundreds per day).

Just One *Tiny* Problem...

No one was buying!

He reached out and shared his frustration.  

“Why did the sales funnel the marketing agency created get 0 sales while I was able to get 28 customers on my own?”

I said… “First, YOU are the expert in this subject.  You know your product better than anyone else.  And you know why people wanted to buy it.  

The marketing agency knows marketing but they don’t know your subject or your audience as well as you do.  So while they did a fantastic job at getting attention they missed the mark on the underlying reasons why your audience would want to buy in the first place!”

I continued...

“ Sales Page Architect ”

In it you will learn how to build your first (or next) high converting sales page step-by-step.

You’ll learn which components I include and WHY I include them, plus the specific structure I’ve used for most of my sales pages, two of which have done 1M in revenue each.

You just follow the framework and templates and fill things in with your knowledge & expertise of your audience and assuming you’ve got a decent info-product on a topic that people want, you’ll start making some sales.

Of course, I can’t promise that YOU will make any specific revenue amount because I don’t know your business (or work ethic) but I can promise you that you’ll be equipped with a handy sales page structure you can use to create a new sales page anytime you need.  Especially if your current one is turning away customers… or is just non-existent ;-)

In fact, creating multiple sales pages with fresh ideas & messaging helps keep the sales flowing, especially once the sales page you are currently depending on stops working as well as it has before.

Plus, you never know… the next sales page you create could convert like crazy and be the catalyst you’ve been searching for to finally hit your next daily revenue & profit goal.

Anyway, if you’re interested in getting Sales Page Architect, you can be one of the first to purchase the BETA version below.

He Pivoted To The #1 Strategy I Recommend All Info-Product Sellers START With If They Want To Get More Sales (Asap)… 

Ad → Sales Page → $

I gave him a simple sales page structure and when he turned the ads on again…

Ding ding ding!

Those beautiful sales notifications started coming in.

Now he’s routinely getting 10-25 new customers every day with the same simplified approach.

Here’s the #1 Strategy I recommend all info-product sellers start with…

Start with a simple approach.

( Ad → Sales page → $ )

Prove that your sales page will convert visitors into buyers before you work on anything else.

Create a sales page that talks to what the audience really wants and the underlying reasons they want to buy, then send ad traffic directly to that page before you attempt any fancier *hoop jumping* strategies like quizzes, webinars, challenges, or other more complex & time-consuming approaches.

How Much Is It ?

You can get access to Sales Page Architect for just one payment of $202.

That’s it.

No recurring feesand you get lifetime access to the course & any future updates!

I cannot tell you the specific length of time it will take YOUR business in your specific situation to see results, but what I can tell you is…

Even if all Sales Page Architect did for you was help you to get ONE additional new customer per day.

Or, actually, let’s make that even more conservative.

If all it did was get you ONE additional new customer every other day

What would that do to your monthly revenue?

And if it stays consistent…

How would getting one new customer every other day for a year impact your annual revenue?

Do the math for your own price points…

That’s either 15 additional new customers each month multiplied by the price of your info-product…

Or almost 183 additional new customers each year multiplied by the price of your product…

Not to mention any back-end sales you would make to those same customers in their first year and beyond.

Is that worth paying just $202, one-time, for those ongoing benefits?

You be the judge.

Try it out yourself and see what Sales Page Architect can do for your business… and what YOU can do with Sales Page Architect.

Here's how you can find out without risking a single penny.

To make this a completely risk-free decision for you..

You are protected by my 1 YEAR quadruple guarantee.

“Will it really work for your business? Will you actually be able to put a sales page together following the instructions in the Sales Page Architect course -- and start making daily sales of your product?”

My Quadruple“Make a Sale Or It’s Free” Guarantee

Just follow the steps as outlined in the Sales Page Architect and (assuming you have a quality product that your audience wants and you’re willing to test multiple variations) you’ll have a sales page that starts making you at least 1 sale every other day!


Guarantee #1


Guarantee #2

If you leave your sale notifications on, someone will take notice and ask you what all the dings are about.  You can share what it means, or keep it a secret ;-) , it’s up to you.  Just be prepared for your family or friends to be curious about why your phone is dinging so much and have them get a little “peanut butter and jealous” when they find out what’s happening!


Guarantee #3

You’ll feel a sense of confidence that you can make sales anytime you’d like.  Almost like a “customer” faucet that you can turn on or off at will.  It’s really the best feeling ever.  Knowing that anytime you want more sales, you can just quickly whip up a new sales page using this simple structure.


Guarantee #4

You’ve got an entire year to use Sales Page Architect to help you write your first (or next) high-converting sales page and if none of the above happens or if you’re not 100% satisfied, you can cancel your order by sending me an email to  You’ll get every penny back on the spot and you keep Sales Page Architect as my penalty.

This way there is no risk on your end as I am taking on all the risk for you.

Here's What To Do Next...

If you're curious or even just remotely interested in giving this a fair try...

And if you still have unanswered questions...

Don't try to decide right now if “Sales Page Architect” is right for you.

Instead, here's what I recommend:

Get yourself access today while you're on this page and you're thinking about it.

Remember, because your Sales Page Architect purchase today is protected by my 1 YEAR money-back guarantee, you can check it out risk-free.

“You're just moments away from being able to dive into the course so you can start creating a sales page that turns visitors into sales of your digital product!”

I think you're going to be thrilled with the results you get.  You're going to feel like this is the best decision you've made this year!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Take up to a full year to enjoy your purchase! If you’re not 100% satisfied for any reason, let us know and we’ll give you a full refund -- no questions asked!

Simply click on the big “Add To Cart” button below, fill out your payment information on the next page and you’ll get instant access to Sales Page Architect today.

Just ONE Payment of $202!

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Who am I and why should you listen to a single word I have to say?

Hi, my name is Eddys Velasquez.  I’m an entrepreneur, digital marketer, and boba tea lover.

I have a Finance degree but don’t use it.  Instead, I’m passionate about marketing.

I’ve been in business in some form or other since I was 15 and have been marketing & advertising online since 2006.

Since then, I’ve failed, learned, and succeeded in a number of big & small projects that have all given me experience (both good & bad lol) in business strategy, copywriting, & traffic generation.

Those acquired skills have been instrumental in allowing me 

to acquire thousands of leads & customers for myself & clients in a variety of markets in the US and abroad. 

I’ve written multiple sales pages, two of which have done 1M in sales each.  I’ve written hundreds of ads that produce daily sales.  And I’ve written well over 1,000+ emails that attract buyers like bears to honey.

Over the years I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t to get more customers and keep them coming back for more.

So if you want to grow an info-product business, I can help.

I’ve also coached over a hundred different business owners privately and as a (former) Senior Coach at a 3x Inc. 5000 company.

Now, via my blog, email newsletter, and courses, I share lessons I’ve learned over the last 15 years of trial & error so that you can shorten your learning curve and reach your goals faster.

Whether you’ve embarked on this path because you want to have more freedom and control over your time…

Or if you just enjoy creating helpful content and want to be able to share your products with the world to make a positive impact (but need funding to do it)...

I can help you do that by showing you how to start making sales of your digital products every day.

Simply click on the big "Add To Cart" button below, fill out your payment information on the next page and you'll get instant access to the W4 Ad Guide today.

Just ONE Payment of $281 $202!

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Take Advantage Of This Special Offer Today…

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sales Page Architect?


Sales Page Architect is a course that will show you how to build your first (or next) high-converting sales page for your info-product, step-by-step.

You will be learning how to create a Text-Based “Insight Sales Page”.  You’ll learn more about this in the course.  This type of sales page actually makes people want to save & share your sales page instead of just bouncing off never to return.

What type of Sales Page will this course help me create?


This simple sales page structure is designed to be used to create a Text-Based sales page that people read instead of watch.

Will this work to create a Video Sales Letter?


Yes!  The simple sales page structure in Sales Page Architect does most of the heavy lifting for you.  It takes you through each component in the sales page step-by-step so that you can effectively communicate the value of your info-product to your audience.

I don’t know how to sell, will I still be able to write a good sales page?


Yes!  You don’t need to be a good writer.  Just follow the framework and let it do most of the work for you.  With practice and a few sales pages under your belt you’ll improve over time.

I’m not a good writer, will I still be able to do this?


I recommend you send people to a checkout page on your shopping cart so that they can purchase your info-product right away.

Where should I send people after they read my sales page?


Immediately after purchase you will be asked to create a “student account” which will allow you to access the course via an online course library using the account information you created.

How will I get access to Sales Page Architect?


After you make your one-time purchase, you will get lifetime access to the course and can revisit the content at your convenience at any time, day or night from your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

How long will I have access to Sales Page Architect?


Which Path Will You Choose?

Continue to do what you've been doing, don't make any changes, and continue to get the results (or lack of results) you've already been getting.

This is the "easy" path because you don't have to DO or CHANGE anything.

It's the path of least resistance.

The only problem is this path makes you a victim to inertia.

Inertia: A tendency to stay where one already is.

Why do many fall victim to inertia?

Because often they're afraid of doing something they are unfamiliar with, perhaps something they may not be good at, and are afraid of failing at the "new" thing.

This keeps people "stuck" at their current level.  It's neither a good thing, nor a bad thing, just a choice.

However, if you're wanting to get different results than what you've been getting (or not getting), then you'll have to actively choose a different path.

Simply click on the big “Add To Cart” button below, fill out your payment information on the next page and you’ll get instant access to Sales Page Architect AND the W4 Ad Guide today.

Just ONE Payment of $281 $202!

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Here’s How To Get Instant Access To Sales Page Architect AND the W4 Ad Guide Right Now…

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The "Easy" Path

The "New" Path

For most people, "new" is synonymous with "difficult".  And we tend to avoid what's difficult.

However, if the "familiar & easy" that you've already been doing just isn't getting the results that you want, then it may be time to confront the "new & difficult".

That's where Sales Page Architect comes in.

It's designed to ease you into what is "new" by reducing as much of the "difficult" as possible.

If you've currently been unsuccessful with your sales page writing attempts, then maybe it's time to try something new.

With the help of Sales Page Architect you can start writing high-converting sales pages that will help you make sales of your digital product every day.

Just imagine what it will feel like once you start getting all the payment notifications or "You've Just Made a Sale" emails from your shopping cart.

The only thing you've got to do now is be willing to try something new, even if you feel some initial resistance.

Good things come from busting through that resistance and getting to the other side.  Sales Page Architect will be there to help you bust through.

The choice is yours.

Which path will YOU take?

If you're ready to start getting different & better results, I recommend you get your hands on Sales Page Architect today while it's still available at this price with the 1 year money-back guarantee.

Looking forward to seeing your awesome results!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Take up to a full year to enjoy your purchase! If you’re not 100% satisfied for any reason, let us know and we’ll give you a full refund -- no questions asked!

“What You Need To Do Is Simplify The Method You’re Using To Get Sales...”

Write a *simple sales page* with your understanding of the audience and your subject matter and send your ad traffic directly to that.”  

So instead of driving traffic to a fancy multi-step funnel, I told him to link his advertisements directly to a sales page with the sole purpose of offering people the product right away.

The goal was to first get a working sales page (even a short one would do) before adding any other complicated steps.  

Ready to start making more info-product sales every day?

He’s added in some order bumps and upsells to increase his revenue and things are moving along nicely.

He’s now up to 13,765+ customers (and counting) in a little over 3 years.

One of The Fastest And Most Efficient Ways To Discover The Message That Will Work The Best At Making Sales Of Your Info-Product Is To…

Test multiple *simple* sales pages against each other, first, before you try any other more complex sales strategies!

Once you know which message works the best, then you can scale that same high-converting sales message via multiple approaches to get even more customers.

Do you want the same simple sales page structure I shared with the business owner who is now routinely making 10-25 sales of his info-product, every day?

Then I invite you to try my NEW course…

Important Note

While Sales Page Architect is in BETA, you’ll have the chance to provide your input on how to further improve the content over time.

As you go through the product content, and you have specific questions, issues, or challenges that aren’t addressed in the lessons, you’ll be able to send me an email to let me know.

The more specific you are at describing your question, issue, or challenge, the better. Make sure to include the Module # & Lesson # you are referring to so I can add it to the list of content improvements I will be making to the product before it graduates out of BETA.

Why try Sales Page Architect while it’s in BETA? You’ll get access to this content before anyone else and you’ll get lifetime updates to all future updates & improvements of this course!

PLUS: During the BETA Phase Only, Purchase Sales Page Architect & Get FREE Access To My “W4 Ad Guide” (A $79 Value) On How To Write High Converting Ads To Send Daily Traffic To Your New Sales Page!

Purchase Sales Page Architect & get access to the “W4 Ad Guide” that will show you how to write short & simple ads you can use to drive traffic to your sales page every day.

Between juggling multiple clients (in different niches) and promoting my own offers, I was spending way too much time coming up with "perfect" ads just to turn around to write new ones the next week as the old ones decreased in performance.

I needed an ad framework that would allow me to write

new ads quickly while remaining effective in getting sales.

To do this, I went back and analyzed the ads that had worked the best across the different offers I was promoting and found that most of my winning ads answered the same 4 questions.

You see, after a Facebook™ Ad image catches someone's attention you have a very short time-window in which you can keep their attention. Otherwise, they'll just figure this ad isn't for them, lose interest and continue scrolling.

This type of ad is designed to stop their thumb from scrolling and quickly answers the top 4 questions in the front of their mind.

Get these answers right and you'll have a highly effective ad that just works, even if you're not a good writer or have little to no marketing skills!

Have You Ever Tried To Write An Ad For Your Info-Product Only To Find Out It's Like Pulling Teeth Just To Get Something "Decent" On The Page?!

If you've ever found yourself trying to write an ad, it's possible you've run into this problem.

You're staring at the blank page for what feels like an hour just writing a line and deleting, writing a line and deleting, not sure about what to write.  Only to end up with a big blank page full of nothing... or perhaps something, but not something you'd be willing to invest money on.  It can be really frustrating!

Instead, with the W4 Ad Guide, you're now able to quickly whip up an ad without having to spend what feels like an eternity staring at a blank page. 

As long as you have a quality product that people want, then this ad framework will do the heavy-lifting for you, no matter your writing, sales, or marketing ability.

Anytime you need to write a new ad, just follow the steps in the W4 Ad Guide and you'll have an ad ready to start making you sales.

“Does The W4 Ad Framework Actually Work?”

See for yourself…

Stephanie got her first buyer on day 2!

She had just finished creating her first digital product and was ready to sell it.

The only problem was, she wasn't (and still isn't) a marketer.

All she wanted to do was create the content. That is her happy place, that is what she's good at.

Sales?  "Why can't those... you know... just happen automatically!"

She told me she was going to attempt Facebook™ Ads for the first time but that she needed help with the ad writing process so I showed her my W4 Ad Guide.

She got her first 3 ads written in 30 minutes, launched her ads one evening, and got her first buyer the very next day!

As a part-time hobby, my parents created an ebook in the "Spanish Parenting" niche and got 467 buyers in their first 3 months.

In their first month they made a total of 24 sales from Facebook™ Ads.

Then I used the framework in the W4 Ad Guide to create some new, short and punchy ads for them and here's what happened.

In month 2, they made 210 sales (about 7 sales every single day of the month!).

In month 3, they did 233 sales (and kept it consistent right at 7 sales every single day.)

And yes, the sales page for their product followed the simple sales page structure I reveal in Sales Page Architect… it just works!

Are you ready to start getting sales of your info-product every day?

The W4 Ad Guide normally sells for $79 but when you purchase Sales Page Architect today, we’ll also go ahead and give you FREE instant access to the W4 Ad Guide, at no additional cost.

This way, as long as you’ve got a quality product that people want, you’ll now be able to create your first (or next) high-converting sales page AND you’ll know how to write effective ads to send traffic to your sales page as well!

To get instant access to Sales Page Architect & the W4 Ad Guide today…

Simply click on the big “Add To Cart” button below, fill out your payment information on the next page and you’ll get instant access to Sales Page Architect AND the W4 Ad Guide today.

Just ONE Payment of $281 $202!

Questions? Email

Yes!  When you purchase Sales Page Architect today you’ll get free access to all future updates & improvements.

Will I get access to all future updates?


Yes, you’re protected by a 1 year money-back guarantee.  Try it out and if you’re not 100% satisfied or if you feel you weren’t able to effectively write a sales page, I’ll refund your money.

Is there a money-back guarantee?


Are those other sales approaches effective?

They absolutely can be!

The only problem is they can take longer to set up and can be a waste of time, money, and effort if you haven’t yet dialed in a high-converting MESSAGE for your info-product.

So instead of…

Ad → Step 1 → Step 2 → Step 3 → Step 4… → Collect contact info → Sales Page → $