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How I’ve Used “The Shower” To Make Money

I don’t know if it’s the water or if it’s just a time that I can ‘think’ without interruptions…

…but I get some of my best (and most profitable) ideas in the shower.

It’s how I’ve come up with some of my best product ideas, ad hooks, sales page headlines, all kinds of things.

In fact, I’ve even used the shower to MAKE money.

Here’s how…

Several years ago, in college, I pulled an all-nighter to write a sales page for a basketball product called “Master Your Dribbling”.

The headline was great.

The insights were intriguing.

The price was good.

But there was one thing that ended up producing LOTS of the sales for that product.

It was one of the bullets.

A bullet is a 1-3 sentence “teaser” that builds curiosity and anticipation for a specific piece of advice or useful bit of information in your product.

Usually a sales page can include anywhere from 10-50+ bullets.

So I did what I normally do when writing a sales page for a product and I went through the Master Your Dribbling product videos minute by minute and wrote a bullet for each bit of useful advice or information.

One of those bullets just so happened to be about the shower!

I don’t remember the exact wording of the bullet but it was something like…

“A 6-Minute Shower Routine You Can Use To Improve Your Dribbling”

It wasn’t even anything fancy.

Not even directly related to any particular basketball drill in the program.

Just a strictly curiosity driven bullet for something the product creator had mentioned briefly in one of the videos.

And it worked amazingly well!

Many of the buyers emailed in asking where to find that ONE piece of information in the product and so we knew that bullet was responsible for bringing in a large portion of the sales.

That’s when I learned that there are some people who will buy your product solely because they want to know the answer to one of the bullets.

So it pays to write lots of bullets because you never know which ONE of those will be a big money maker.

However, one of the best ways to get better at writing bullets (without actually writing bullets) is to…

Get intimately familiar with your product content!

1 – Grab a piece of paper (or a spreadsheet will work for this too).

2 – Go through your product line by line or minute by minute and jot down every bit of useful advice or information you give out.

3 – Next to each item, write down the benefit of that to the end user of the product.

4 – Next to each benefit, write down an even deeper benefit.

If you do a comprehensive job of this, you should have enough raw material to write over 100-200+ bullets!

From there you can cull that down to your best 10-50+ bullets and include those on your sales page.

Give it a try and experience what using compelling bullets can do for your sales.

See you on the next one…

Eddys Velasquez

P.S. And if you’re struggling with coming up with bullets for your product you can hop in the shower to do some ‘thinking’ or…

You can pick up Sales Page Architect that currently includes at least 11 bullet frameworks I use to add highly compelling bullets to any sales page…

Or do both…

Shower & pick up Sales Page Architect lol — you might just come up with some profitable ideas… 😉

Here’s the link to get started on your next Sales Page

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