☕ 3 Ingredients For Invisible Money


My advice to anyone starting an online business (or re-starting one) is to optimize for the “invisible money” first.

This is the revenue that is generated behind-the-scenes that isn’t immediately visible to people who are visiting your home page or blog.

Do you want to have a professional, well-designed website? Eventually, yes.

Some people do look that up and make their buying decision based on the overall feel they get from your brand – Can they trust you? Does it look fly-by-night? etc.

But initially, when you’re first starting out, I recommend you primarily focus on these 3 things…

1) An Offer – How are you going to offer your product? Price points, bonuses, guarantees, etc.

2) A Sales Page – The money page that is going to walk your visitors through solid arguments as to why they should buy your product over every other alternative available to them, including doing nothing.

3) An Ad – The initial message (and images) you are going to use to get your market’s attention and send them to your sales page.

Get those 3 things working, first.

Start making sales. Start building a customer list.

And then go back and improve your site (if you want to).

There’s more than a handful of businesses I’ve worked with that do 6 figures (some 7 figures) of invisible money that have a main website that most would call “ugly” or “not professional”.

Their website might look like an abandoned village but behind-the-scenes they are receiving thousands of visitors a day to a sales page that is NOT directly accessible via their homepage or blog and they’re making daily sales – invisible money.

Instead of focusing on getting the right logo, the right color palette, and determining whether that image should be left aligned or centered…

They figured out…

What their offer had to be to make sales…

What arguments they needed to make on their sales page to channel their visitor’s existing desire onto their product…


What words (and visuals) they needed to include in their ads to get people over to the sales page.

There’s an endless list of “shiny” things to get distracted by. Don’t let those distract you from getting these 3 ingredients (offer, sales page, ad) working in harmony to make you daily sales.

A couple of questions for you:

Q: If you’re not making daily sales yet, where do you think you’re dropping the ball? How much time have you spent on activities that don’t directly get those 3 ingredients working in harmony?

Q: If you’re dropping the ball somewhere, why do you think you haven’t been able to solve it yet?

See you on the next one…

Eddys Velasquez




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