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A lesson I learned 12 years ago.


Over 12 years ago I was an affiliate for a well known guru in the online space.

Back then he wasn’t doing what he’s doing now, but instead had a suite of info-products and a membership site helping network marketers grow their downlines.

I had exactly zero audience in that niche so I would be forced to drive traffic.

Fortunately, I had just taken a course on something called…

“Cost Per View” traffic or CPV for short.

How did CPV work? I’ll tell you.

There are companies who created browser extensions or plugins that would offer free computer games, coupons, and other incentives in order for you to install their extension or plugin in your browser.

Part of the terms was that in exchange for getting the free stuff you would then have to agree to occasionally be shown “pop under” ads.

These were known as pop up ads, but the difference was that instead of popping up over the existing window and interrupting whatever you were doing, these ads would pop up UNDER your existing window to users who had already given permission to receive them.

Each time your ad would pop under, you would have to pay a fraction of a penny.

And these companies had MILLIONS of people using these browser extensions, so you could get as much traffic as you wanted.

The only problem was that this was literally, the coldest of the coldest traffic you could go after. People who are just browsing or playing games.

After all, they only cared about the free stuff they were getting (not the ads they could easily ignore and close).

However, I wasn’t smart enough to hesitate and not do it lol

So I just did it.

I set up my first ad.

And within a few hours of my ad getting approved, I was already receiving traffic.

Unfortunately, this traffic was COLD, so I didn’t get any conversions right away, until I made one tweak that changed everything.

I discovered that you could target individual URLs (not just the main websites people were visiting).

So guess what?

I could now target CHECKOUT PAGES! (I still get excited thinking about it now lol)

The significance of that was that I could now go make a list of all the network marketing companies I wanted to target, find their checkout page URLs, input that into the network I was advertising on and now…

Anytime someone with that browser extension installed visited a checkout page of any of those companies, MY ad would pop under.

This meant instead of just targeting someone who was “browsing”, I could now target someone with purchasing intent.

This small change worked amazingly well!

I was promoting the guru’s membership site at the time and I had several people sign up for the membership who stayed on for years (which meant I made commissions on those paying members for years).

Some of those same people also signed up for an Aweber account via my affiliate link and I kept getting paid on those every month for several years after.

No, I didn’t ‘get rich’ off of that 😉 , but I learned something and upgraded my traffic driving skills because I went ahead and did it.

Ever since then I’ve told myself, when I read a book, take a course, go to a seminar, or learn something new.

I pick one of the strategies I learn and I just do it.

Every time I either find something interesting that works amazingly well or I learn something and upgrade my skills.

If you’ve bought my Impactful Words Guide to learn how to write a highly compelling short-form ad.

Take what I teach and just do it.

Write an ad and launch it.

You’ll either get great results on your first try and make sales or you’ll learn something that will upgrade your skills and allow you to make adjustments to find something that works.

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See you on the next one…

Eddys Velasquez




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