✍️ Your First 100 Ads: Advice For People New To Facebook Ads


A big part of your success with paid traffic, especially Facebook ads comes down to the quality of your ad creatives.

“Creatives” is just a fancy word for the combo of “what you say in your ads” and “how your ad looks (images/videos)” etc.

Quality refers to how well your words grab the attention of your target audience and how compelling they are to get them to click on your ad.

The problem is if you’re going into a new market or if you’re writing Facebook ads for the first time, you may not be able to write a quality ad creative on your first try, or your second, or even your third.

For most people it takes several tries to get it right.

That’s why one of the best things you can do in the beginning is to focus on consistent QUANTITY… strategically.

Your First 100 Ads

Instead of trying to GUESS the perfect words for one quality ad creative, go and find out what those perfect words actually ARE, based on market data.

Set a goal to write and launch 100 ads.

You don’t have to write them all in one sitting…

…and you definitely don’t have to launch them all in one sitting.

But the goal is to write 100 different ads.

You might test talking about different pain points.

Some ads might include insights like (myth busters, underlying causes, contrarian solutions, etc).

Others might be story based.

Other ads may be more direct.

Test different appeals or “reasons why” people would benefit from your offer.

You can test different images and style of images.

You could try different videos to go along with the words.

You could do it randomly, but it works better if you’re strategic about it.

Let’s say you decide to launch 5 new ads each week (that would get you through your first 100 ads in about 5 months time).

You can decide exactly what you want to LEARN each week.

The true value of this exercise comes in the learning you do each week and how you apply that learning to the next week.

Week 1 might be learning which pain points are the most compelling for your target audience. So you write 5 ads with a different pain point for each ad. After letting them run for the week, see which pain points got the most engagement, the most clicks, the most buyers? You’ll likely find that 1 or 2 of the pain points seem to do better than the others. Great, now take that bit of learning and combine it with what you want to learn from week 2.

Week 2 might be learning which ad types (insight, story, direct) work best with your target audience. Take the pain point that worked the best in week 1 and write two insight ads, two story ads, and two direct ads. Yes, I know that’s 6 ads and not 5 – it’s ok to be flexible!

You might discover that your audience really responds well to story ads. Now you can apply that bit of learning to week 3.

Week 3 might be learning which image types work better. This time you’ll use the pain point that worked the best and the story that worked the best as the text of your ad and you’ll test 5 different images. Test images with humans showing emotion, test graphic based images, test drawings, test interesting info-graphic/diagram type images, colors, and more. The point is to test different types. Again, let it run for the week and see what type of images worked and which ones didn’t.

Continue this process for your first 100 ads and write down what you learn in a journal.

Week 1, I learned…

Week 2, I learned…

Week 3, I learned …


If you stick with this and complete your first 100 ads challenge, you will KNOW (not just think or guess) but actually know exactly how to create a quality ad creative for your target audience.

You will have compounded your learnings each week until you’ve discovered the exact overall patterns your target audience responds well to.

Yes, this takes work.

But it’s the type of work that will give you a skill no one can take away from you.

In the end, you’ll end up with more traffic, more leads, and customers and the ability to write a quality creative for that target audience anytime you want.

See you on the next one…

Eddys Velasquez