You See What You Focus On


So today I’ve got a pretty bad toothache.

It actually started yesterday.

My Dad came over because I’m showing him how to edit & upload videos he’s been recording to his new Youtube Channel.

He brought some Panda Express over and a large cup of sweet tea to eat & drink while we played chess before “work”.

I’m thinking all the sugar in the drink plus whatever sugar is in the food plus whatever sensitivity I already have to cold drinks and hot temperatures came together to agitate what I’m guessing is an existing cavity.

I will be making a dentist appointment pronto (only got 4 hours of sleep last night due to the pain)!

Today, I’ve been doing my best to focus on other things to distract myself from the pain but you know what…

I’ve already seen at least 3 emails today with the word “tooth” in the subject line that I probably would have just ignored if I didn’t have this toothache.

Looks like the saying is true…

You see what you focus on.

I.e. If you’re focused on the color red, you will start to notice red everywhere. Red cars, red buildings, red doors, red whatever.

In this same way, if you’re focused on your business and how you can help your customers solve their problems…

You will see opportunities everywhere!

Opportunities for new products, new offers, more relevant messaging, new traffic channels, anything.

And if you’re focused on your lack of something, like not knowing how to do Facebook Ads, not being skilled at marketing, not being tech savvy, not having something that’s perfect or “just so”, or not getting the results you hoped for…

Then that’s all you’ll see and it will hold you back from making progress in your business.

For example…

One of the opportunities I’ve dived into for customer acquisition recently is an alternative traffic source to Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads are still the primary traffic source for one of the businesses I’m involved with but with costs rising and our cost per order going up, we’ve had to look for other ways to compensate.

Now, instead of focusing on our cost per order going up with Facebook Ads, I focused on how else can we reach that specific audience.

We’ve started reaching out to email newsletter owners in the niche with an offer to pay them a fee to send a dedicated email to their subscribers.

Some are apprehensive to do this but many are for it and we’re seeing fantastic results.

In fact, not only do we get a nice surge of orders on the day that email goes out directly from that email (many times doubling our average number of daily orders), but for several days after we also see a bump in sales from our Facebook Ads & Google too. Why?

Because those same people who opened the email & clicked are now seeing our ads & retargeting ads on Facebook & Google AND it’s also driving searches like “Product name + reviews” or similar keywords and we make sure our ads show up for those terms.

This has brought our overall cost per order down significantly and helps a ton with profitability.

So, take an inventory of what you’re focusing on.

Is it serving you?

Or is it holding you back?

Should you be focusing on something else instead?

See you next time….

-Eddys Velasquez




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