Giving in to distractions is like trying to win a foot race without shoes.

Trying to win a swimming race with a leather jacket on.

Or playing basketball while wearing a 50lb vest and soaking wet.

Distractions will literally kill your productivity and keep you from laying your daily bricks. You’ll get to the end of your day and will feel like you have done a lot but you won’t have actually accomplished much of anything.

Distractions can come in all shapes and sizes.

It can be as small as a notification on your phone.

An interesting email or headline you read while quickly skimming through your Facebook newsfeed.

It could be a call or text from your spouse or partner.

Or a tug on your shirt from your child who wants to play or know what’s for dinner…

Or a pet who wants you to show them some love!

Oftentimes distractions can also wear costumes.

They disguise themselves as activities that you feel you have to do.

For example…

“If I’m going to write a good product I have to research the topic more”

“Before I sell this product I need to take new headshots.”

“I need to rebrand my website if anyone is going to take me seriously”

All easily justifiable and explainable activities.

But many times if you’re not careful, a totally reasonable ACTIVITY can become a distraction from your actual PRODUCTIVITY.

And just because you are filling your days with an endless stream of activity does not mean you are making progress towards your goals.

If your goal is to grow your business here are the top 3 things to focus on…

1 – Acquire new customers and introduce them to your world.
2 – Ascend those customers into other products, programs, or services.
3 – Create automation systems to manage all of that so you can be in a position to scale or maintain your growth without sacrificing your time & lifestyle in the process.

See you next time…

-Eddys Velasquez




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