Are You Stuck? Here’s 3 Things You Can Do Today To Refresh Your Marketing And Get Out Of The “No Sales” Rut.


I’ve been sitting here for almost 3 hours in front of a blank screen just ‘thinking’ about what to write today.

If you asked me how to sell more of your product I could give you all kinds of strategies, but for whatever reason, today, the blank Google Doc is winning.

So I’m doing something I’ve learned to do when I’m stuck.

Just get in motion.

Put your pen to paper or your fingers on the keyboard and start.

Write whatever comes to your mind.

Eventually a somewhat coherent thought will form, something that makes sense, and momentum will build.

Before you know it, you’ve got something that you didn’t have before.

Are you stuck with getting customers for your digital product?

Here are 3 things you can do today to refresh your marketing and get out of the rut of “no sales”.

1 – Reposition your existing product to a new audience. Does your product have multiple benefits? Could those benefits help another group of people that you are not currently talking to?

For example, if you’re selling a fitness program for gymnasts, with a few tweaks or adjustments, could you then also sell that same program to volleyball players, track athletes, or other athletes in general?

If you’re selling a product that helps couples communicate better, with a few tweaks to the content, could the same approach be used to help parents improve their communication with their kids?

Maybe, maybe not.

Either way, think about it.

Is there a group of people that your product could help that you aren’t yet talking to?

If there is, run an experiment where you reposition your product for that group and see what that does to your sales. Worst case, it doesn’t work and you make zero sales. Best case you’ve just expanded your market and can now get sales from an entirely new group of people you weren’t even addressing before.

2 – Come up with a new angle to sell your existing product. Whether your existing sales page is working or not, it’s always good to come up with new ways of selling your existing product.

A brand new angle could drastically change your income in a relatively short period of time (especially if it can feel new or unique to your market.)

So if all your competitors are saying the same thing, how can you be contrarian?

What opposing view can you talk about (and back up with undeniable proof/truth) that can give someone an insight (and a reason) into WHY they should use your product over any other option available to them?

Or perhaps one of your clients reaches out to you to talk to you about their results with your program. Get them to tell you more about their story, call them, email them, take them out to coffee, whatever. Just get the whole story, proof of their results, and their permission to use it in your marketing. You then have a unique story that you can use in your sales page that is unique to YOUR product.

Most of the time you can keep most of your existing sales page the same, just change out the headline and the intro and run a test to see if it beats your existing sales page.

3 – Write a new set of ads. – Words are powerful! Use one set of words and pay up to $16+ per click on your ads. Use a different set of words and watch that cost go down to $2+ per click sending your ads to the same exact audience you were targeting before.

That actually happened to me last week.

I used an ad for my W4 Ad Guide product (the same ad that was working to get sales last year) and this year it started getting clicks at $16 each. That adds up quick.

So I used the W4 Ad Framework, wrote a new ad and my cost per click went down to $2

That’s a huge savings!

Let me break that down…

The average conversion rate on a sales page is about 1% (some are better some are worse).

That means that you’d get 1 sale for every 100 visitors to your sales page.

So if I’m paying $16 per click and assuming my sales page converts at 1% (side note: mine actually converted at 9% last year)…

That means I’d end up paying $1,600 to get 1 sale.

At $2 per click that would mean I’d pay $200 to get 1 sale.

Fortunately, my sales page converts higher than 1% but I still make it a point to write a new set of ads each week.

You never know when you’ll stumble on a workhorse ad. Those are ads that just flat out work and they tend to be responsible for a majority of your sales. You’ll know when you’ve found one because your phone won’t stop buzzing with sales notifications! lol

Bonus – Come up with a new offer entirely. – First, let me define what an “offer” is.

An offer in its most basic form is just “I’ll give you X in exchange for Y.”

In this case X is whatever your digital product is and Y is the price.

If you were to put the “X” and “Y” on a seesaw, you want to make sure that X is heavier (i.e. more valuable) than Y (the price point you’re asking for).

So one of the best ways to increase the selling power of your offer is to create an additional product that you can then bundle with your existing product.

What other problems do your customers tend to have alongside the problem your existing digital product is already solving?

Create an additional product to solve that second problem and create a bundle offer where they get product #1 (your existing product) and product #2 (the new product you are adding) for the price of one.

That offer when done correctly can be very compelling! I mean, who doesn’t like a good deal?

Try it out and see what it does for your sales.

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Anyway, if you have any questions, let me know.

If you’re having difficulty selling your digital product, I can very likely help you spot the problem.

See you next time…

-Eddys Velasquez

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