🤠 The Texan

How to get your sales funnel to 10-25+ daily sales?


On Tuesday of this week I had to make a quick road trip to Cleburne, TX.

That’s about 4 1/2 hours from where I live so I stopped by Whataburger to get a late breakfast before heading out.

My go-to order is their mouthwatering patty melt on Texas toast, fries, and a medium coke.

Now, their medium is actually really big and I always tell myself I’m going to just “sip it” throughout the trip so that I don’t have to stop right away.

Welll, that didn’t happen.

Within 5 minutes the entire soda was gone so about a 1/3 of the way to Cleburne I stopped in Schulenberg at Buccee’s younger cousin “The Texan”.

It’s a relatively new gas station brand owned by a family from Yorktown, TX.

🥤 Anyway, why did I stop there (other than my “medium” coke needing to find a new home)?

Well for one, their restrooms are super clean, but I could have just stopped at the Valero on my side of the road. So why did I just automatically pick “The Texan” even though I had to cross to the other side of the road?

There’s probably a lot of different factors, but a few off the top of my head are that I instantly recognized it and identified with the name.

The logo is a cartoon, smiling, & friendly looking cowboy and even though I’m not a cowboy, I’ve lived the majority of my life in Texas. So the choice was corporate looking Valero or friendly looking “The Texan” that I recognized.

Here’s my not-so super-smooth transition to some marketing advice for your existing sales funnel (or one you’re working on building now).

Whatever audience you are targeting, there are a number of things they will instantly recognize or identify with.

That’s why one of the very first things I recommend clients do is to clearly define their target audience.

You might say…

“But Eddys, that’s beginner’s advice! I already have a target audience. It’s X.”

And you probably do!

However, one of the things most people DON’T do is take the time to drill down a step deeper.

And if you stick with me for just a second, this is something that could help you experience a breakthrough with your sales funnel in 2023.

Put on your analytical hat and examine your existing target audience.

You will find there are multiple subsets within that target audience.

Different age bands, genders, situations, circumstances, motivations, etc.

Chances are, ONE of those subsets within your target audience is buying your stuff at a higher rate than all the others and they may also be buying more of your higher priced stuff too.

Once you’ve identified what that subset is, the breakthrough will come in revamping your existing sales funnel or creating a new sales funnel to focus on that one subset of your target audience.

But what does “focus on that one sub-set” actually mean?

It means determining what that sub-set identifies with.

Their age, their gender, their specific situation, their motivation for solving their problem, how they describe themselves, etc.

Then make sure you add those identifiers in the words & stories you use in your ads, your sales page, and your email ads.

For example, let’s take the following scenario…

Course: How To Increase Your Vertical Jump In 4 Weeks
Target Audience: Parents of young athletes

If you drill down a bit deeper you’ll find different subsets.

Parents of basketball players.
Parents of volleyball players.
Parents of football players.
Parents of soccer players

Out of those, let’s say you found that a large majority of your buyers were parents of high school boys who play basketball.

Or parents of high school girls who play volleyball.

Now, that’s a decent drill down on age, gender, and situation but what is their specific motivation?

You might discover that a subset of those parents (especially the ones that are buying your stuff at a high rate) are highly motivated to help their kids get a full-ride scholarship to play at a D1 level.

So now, how can you apply this knowledge to your sales funnel?

If your sales page’s pre-headline was previously… “For Parents of Athletes Who Want To Get An Edge On Their Competition”.

Your new pre-headline can now be something like this…

“For Parents of High School Basketball Players With D1 Potential”


“For Parents of High School Volleyball Players with D1 Potential”

If your subject line was previously…

Subject: For parents of high school athletes

It could now be…

Subject: 🏀 Does your son have D1 potential?

Subject: 🏐 Does your daughter have what it takes to play at a D1 school?

Your stories can now be specific to their situation and you may even go as far as changing the name of your course to something like…

Title: D1 Player Protocol
Subtitle: The ultimate vertical jump training for [insert sport] players who want to get a full-ride scholarship to play at a D1 school.

That’s how you stand out in a crowded market place.

And if you’ve already implemented my “I bought because” survey on your thank you page, you’ll start getting messages from your customers saying things like…

“OMG, I was nodding my head all the way through your presentation, it’s like you read my mind!”


“This product seems like it’s the perfect fit for me!”

Clearly define your target audience.
Drill down a bit deeper.
Identify what your best subsets instantly recognizable identifiers (IRIs) are…
And then apply that learning throughout your sales funnel.

Your targeting on paid traffic platforms will instantly become easier. Your ads will get higher click through rates. Your sales page will convert more of your visitors into customers.

And it can be the thing that takes you from just a handful of sales every few days to a consistent 10-25+ sales per day via paid traffic.

See you on the next one…

-Eddys Velasquez