⚡How To Write An Ad In A Fraction of a Second.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been increasingly more popular over these past few weeks.

You’ve most likely seen all the different AI generated faces plastered all over Facebook.

But did you know, you can also use AI to write copy for you?

Check this out…

I told the AI to…

“Write 5 Facebook ads to sell an online piano course to beginner adults.”

And in less than a second, this is what the AI came up with…

Not the best ads but not bad either. At the very least they can help you start with something instead of a blank page.

I then told it to add more detail and to mention the benefits adults can gain from learning to play the piano.

Here’s what it came up with…

The key to getting it to generate great content is all in the prompts you give it.

It will even write blog posts for you…

Here’s what it came up with then entered the prompt… “Now write a blog post about the benefits an adult can gain from learning to play the piano.”

I used ChatGPT from OpenAI to create the above examples. It’s a basic tool that you can use for free to start getting your feet wet with AI.

However, if you want something that’s designed for business owners, that already comes with existing recipes, and prompt templates to help you create your content even faster, then you’ll want to try Jasper AI today.

See you on the next one…

Eddys Velasquez

P.S. There’s other AI software for images too…

Here’s a few I created for an interesting coffee mug in a home office and another coffee mug in a treehouse in the jungle.

I’ve already been testing some AI images for my ads and the click through rates are good!

If you haven’t looked into AI yet, take a few minutes to look into it. At the very least you’ll have some fun generating the text and/or images 🙂