How To Get People Lining Up To Buy Your Info-Product (Even If Your Sales Volume Is Low Right Now)…


One of my favorite drinks in the world is Boba Tea.

I like it so much I literally make it a point to find a Boba Tea place pretty much every time I’m out of town.

We used to have a good Boba Tea place where I live but they closed down a few years ago and we haven’t had another good one since. If we did, I’d probably be there every day!

Anyway, I was in Houston the other day and so naturally, after I did what I was there to do, I went to the Sugarland Mall to get a Boba Tea. A mango passion-fruit tea with lychee jelly and a double portion of tapioca. Delicious! (If you’re ever in the Sugarland mall they have a really good Boba Tea kiosk right at the entrance near the Food Court.)

I was hungry too so I looked around the food court but didn’t really see anything that called out to me. The day was a bit chilly so I was in the mood for some Chinese food, specifically some hot beef noodle soup before making the drive back home.

I got back to the car and did a Google Search for “Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup”. Had to wait a few seconds because my phone wasn’t getting a good signal so I started waving the phone around all over the place lol…

And apparently that worked!

The results finally loaded and bingo! I found a place that looked perfect.

The only problem, it was 18 minutes away in the opposite direction of my home and I still had over an hour to drive back and I didn’t want to stay in Houston longer than I had to.

So what did I do?

I just got some food nearby and went back home.

But guess what?

If they would’ve had a special offer giving me a free Boba Tea along with the purchase of my soup, I would have GLADLY driven the extra 18 minutes there and back and perhaps even paid a premium for the soup just because they were offering me something I really really liked… and that’s after I had already bought a Boba Tea at the mall!

Now, I don’t know how economically feasible that would be for them to do since the free Boba Tea would cut into their profit margins but…

In the info-product world, you don’t have that problem!

It costs almost nothing to create something NEW to add to your existing offer. (Other than the time it takes to create it).

If your sales are low, there’s probably something about your product or offer that is holding people back from buying it.

It could be the price, the amount of effort they perceive it will take to implement your solution, or perhaps they just don’t want your info-product as much as they want other things (even if they NEED your info-product).

However, people are more than willing to look past that and will buy your info-product (perhaps even at a higher price) if you also offer them something they really really want.

Every market has *something* that they really want.

Just look around.

What is your market already buying?

What is it that your market really really wants (not just needs)?

Find out what that is.

Then take the time to create a report, record an audio, or even a video about the thing they really want.

Then simply tease that report, audio, or video on your sales page as if you were going to sell it and then you hit them with the surprise…

“And you can get it for free with the purchase of… [name of your main info-product you are trying to boost sales of].”

This is literally one of the best, fastest, most effective ways to get people lining up to buy your info-product, even if what you’re currently selling isn’t getting bought as often as you’d like!

You can do this as part of a limited time special offer that’s only around for a few days or you can also run it as an evergreen offer, both work well.

The key to this is to not just throw something together willy nilly.

Really give it some thought and find out what your audience is already buying and what they really want.

Then LEAD with that first, not your info-product.

Your info-product is only there as a by-the-way.

Try it out and let me know what it does for your sales!

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See you next week!

-Eddys Velasquez

P.S. “Wait, so you think adding a free bonus is such a novel concept? Geez. Give me a break, that’s old news!”

Yes, you’re right, that’s old news…

However, there’s two problems with the way traditional bonuses are done.

Problem One – People don’t put much thought into it. They just come up with something random and put it together for the sake of having a bonus because having a bonus or bonuses is what you’re supposed to do, right?


Problem Two – They then bury the bonus(es) way down in the sales page.

First, there’s nothing wrong with having those bonuses further down your sales page, but the specific strategy I’m proposing here is in addition to the bonuses you already have, to create an additional “special bonus” that you LEAD your sales page with. Basically make it so that people visiting your sales page think they are there to buy the special bonus until you hit them with the surprise that they can get it for free with the purchase of… etc etc.

Plus it won’t hurt when they scroll further down the page and find out that there are more bonuses that come with the purchase as well.

It makes for a great offer!

P.P.S. But what if I don’t have a sales page for my info-product?

Not to worry, I’m 90% done with a guide that will help you create your first (or next) high-converting sales page, step-by-step.

You’ll learn which components I include and WHY I include them, plus the specific structure I’ve used for most of my sales pages, two of which have done 1M in revenue each.

You just follow the framework and templates and fill things in with your knowledge & expertise of your audience and assuming you’ve got a decent info-product on a topic that people want, you’ll start making some sales.

Of course, I can’t promise that YOU will make any specific revenue amount because I don’t know your business (or work ethic) but I can promise you that you’ll be equipped with a handy sales page structure you can use to create a new sales page anytime you need. Especially if your current one is turning away customers… or is just non-existent 😉

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