How Memes & News Stories Can Make You More Money


If you’re already paying for traffic to your offer or if you are planning on doing so shortly, then here’s a strategy you can “bolt-on” to increase your sales by about 10-30%.

Of course individual results will vary but so far I’ve been seeing an extra 10-30% bump in daily sales from this strategy. And on a couple of occasions it’s as much as doubled our sales with a spend of about $15-$25 in extra advertising.

It involves memes, news stories, and generally anything that your market finds interesting.

Here’s the big picture…

You’ve probably already heard about retargeting and how you can show ads to people who have visited your website (I’ve also talked about this in a previous email).

But did you know that you can also target people based on their behavior ON facebook?

For example, one of the things you can track is engagement with any of your posts or ads. So for example, if you posted something on your page organically and you get 10 likes, then you can retarget those 10 people with paid ads if you wanted to.

What I do is create an audience of anyone who has engaged with any post or ad in the last +2 days. You can set this window for longer if you wanted (7 days, 15 days, 30 days, etc) but I’ve found 2 days works great.

Then I create a couple image ads or video ads with a testimonial from a customer or something similar and I target everyone in that “engaged with any post ad in the past 2 days” audience. You can set the budget for this campaign at $10-$15/day to start. If it’s successful then you can raise it to $25/day+.

This isn’t necessarily a breakthrough strategy.

However, what makes this strategy particularly effective is what TYPE of content you post on your page.

The key to making this strategy pay off for you is to post content to your page that has already proven to be SHAREABLE.

This means you don’t have to create 2-3 original pieces of content yourself. Not everyone likes to create that much content daily.

In fact, if you create all the content yourself then it’s likely you won’t get the same results than if you do it this other way.

The way to make sure you are posting shareable content is to find content that has ALREADY been shared lots of times.

So the strategy works like this…

Step 1 – Find relevant Facebook pages in your market. Make a list of the top 3-5 pages and then a list of the next 3-5 in terms of size and engagement.

You don’t have to be exact with this, just find some pages that have large audiences and are consistently posting content.

Step 2 – Identify content they’ve posted that is already getting lots of reactions (likes, loves, etc) and lots of shares and comments.

Oftentimes these posts will be memes, news stories, inspirational/motivational posts, or funny videos that are related to the topic.

Sometimes you’ll find controversial topics as well that can be useful but you’ll have to be careful with controversial topics as you don’t necessarily want to alienate any particular “side” away from your page.

Step 3 – Once you’ve identified 3 good posts across the top 3-5 pages, you can then click “Share” and then “Share to a Page” and then select your page. Do this for each of the posts you found.

You’ll be prompted to enter a description for your post. Add a line or two to tease what the post is about.

Step 4 – Repeat this process and share 2-3 “viral” posts to your page from other pages.

You can cycle through the different pages and not necessarily share the content from the same pages all the time. Variety is good. Of course, you’ll still be posting your own content as well.

With consistency, your Facebook page fans & followers will engage with these posts by clicking “Like”, commenting, or sharing it to their personal profile.

All of these engagers will then be added to your engagement audience and will be shown your “paid ads” for 2 days after they interacted with the post on your Facebook page.

Initially you’ll get few interactions but sometimes some posts that you share can get hundreds of engagements and in some instances you’ll hit a vein of something popular and your shared post can go “viral” as well and get thousands of engagements. Everyone who engaged with it (or any of your posts) will then see the ads you created for 2 days after.

And at $10-$15/day or even $25/day in advertising investment you will see a decent return!

In May we did 2.2 return on ad spend for this particular campaign.

And this month, after getting better at identifying shareable content we are seeing a 4.53 return on ad spend for this particular “engagement” campaign.

This campaign will not be your main money maker but it’s a nice way to increase your profits or make up for losses on other campaigns.

Step 5 – Stay consistent with your content shares.

Eventually you’ll get a feel for what type of content your Facebook page fans and followers like to engage with and you can start creating some of this type of content yourself.

Occasionally you’ll want to refresh the paid ads you are using for this campaign but even if you don’t you’ll see a nice return on ad spend and a nice bump to your daily sales.

Quick Tip: If you’re not already doing this, click on the “reactions” to each of your content posts and next to their name you’ll see a button that says “Invite”. You can then click that button to invite that person to like your page. Do that to each of your posts (and your ads too) and you’ll start growing your page follower count faster. And that means you’ll have more people that can engage with your daily posts.

Try it and let me know how it goes!

See you next time…

-Eddys Velasquez




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